Place Plans – a local level plan for Welsh communities

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The Autumn finds us as busy as ever! Yesterday was a full one for us as we travelled over to Wales and then on up to Herefordshire for a day of really interesting meetings with various groups of people all working on planning at the really local level.  Our work on Neighbourhood Plans in England has lead to us being commissioned by Planning Aid Wales, on behalf of the Welsh Government, to help with production of guidance to Community Councils across Wales on Place Plans. These are a variant, adapted specifically for Wales, of Neighbourhood Plans in England; a lot simpler and focused as much on community level projects as on land use planning issues. We are just getting stuck into this exciting project with the first step being the Planning Aid Conference in Cardiff early next month.

In other recent news, our team guru, Jeff Bishop recently attended a 20th anniversary reunion of the team that resolved the international conflict over Shell’s attempts to dump the Brent Spar oil storage platform in the North Atlantic. For those who remember this, you can probably recall the incredibly extensive media coverage of the Greenpeace boat stopping the towing and dumping of the platform. Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth managed to stop the dumping but the problem of what to do with the platform remained. A team linked to the Environment Council (including Jeff) were engaged to bring together hundreds of people – politicians, company and NGO representatives and technical experts – mainly from across Britain but also from Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Holland – to try to find a fully agreed solution. And they did! And then – surprise, surprise – having had major media coverage of the problem, there was virtually no coverage of the solution! (By the way, the agreed solution, later implemented, was to dismantle the platform in a Norwegian fjord.)

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