Reviewing a Made Neighbourhood Plan

Calne Community Neighbourhood Plan Review
Client: Calne Town Council and Calne Without Parish Council

The first Calne Community Neighbourhood Plan was formally ‘made’ in 2018.

Neighbourhood Plans should be reviewed regularly to ensure that they are working effectively to deliver the community’s aspirations. Reviewing Neighbourhood Plans is also important to ensure that they remain up-to-date.

We began work with the Calne Steering Group in 2021 to shape up Plan 2. The first step was to identify changes in policy context and local circumstances, as well as looking at how planning decisions had taken into account the Plan since it came into force.

In early 2022 we began supporting the Steering Group on the detailed work on the Plan review. We are working with the steering group to identify areas where the Plan’s evidence base and policy wording can be updated and made more locally specific. In this review and update of the Plan, the local community are particularly keen to explore how the Plan can be part of a local response to responding and adapting to climate change.

You can read more about the Calne Community Neighbourhood Plan by clicking here