Working with a town and rural parish on a joint Neighbourhood Plan

Joint Melksham Neighbourhood Plan 1 and 2
Client: Melksham Town Council and Melksham Without Parish Council

In the summer of 2018 we began work to support the communities of the town of Melksham and the parish of Melksham Without with their Neighbourhood Plan. The rural parish completely surrounds the town.

There is much development pressure in the area with levels of development exceeding the levels set out in the local Core Strategy by quite some way. The community therefore wanted to have a greater say in the development of their town and rural areas and on the 1st of July the community voted in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan to bring it into force.

After the Yes vote for the Plan, the Place Studio team continued their involvement with the Town and Parish Council by supporting them to respond to planning applications using the Neighbourhood Plan.

The Joint Melksham Neighbourhood Plan runs to 2026 – the same as the current development plan for the area. But a new local plan is being prepared, looking ahead to 2036.

The Steering Group therefore decided to begin the process of review in 2022 in order to make sure the Neighbourhood Plan continues to give a strong role to the community in planning decisions and future development strategy. The Place Studio team were really pleased to be appointed to work on the Joint Melksham Neighbourhood Plan 2 with the Steering Group and the wider community.

Find out more on the Joint Melksham Neighbourhood Plan website by clicking here.