Planning and Localism: Choices and Choosing 2013 Updated Guide

Client: CPRE Gloucestershire

Prompted by positive feedback from a range of audiences, the extremely successful Guide to Planning and Localism has been updated in 2013 to reflect recent practice.

Our guide outlines how communities, planners and others can choose the most appropriate approach for their specific situation – better engagement in strategic plan-making, community design statements, neighbourhood plans, pre-application involvement or whatever. It goes beyond a community (or business group) ‘doing’ its Design Statement or a local authority (or developer) ‘doing’ its plan or project. It is about how all parties can – and should - work together for the best possible result. This idea – of
genuinely collaborative working
- is essential to everything this guide is about because it is only through working creatively together that truly sustainable solutions will emerge.

We were appointed, together with Professor Stephen Owen, by CPRE Gloucestershire early in 2011 to contribute to the unfolding government policy on Localism. Part of the project aim was also to produce some practical outcomes to address the new context and the options available to communities, and planning and development professionals. The resultant guide has proven to be very successful and used by a range of audiences to aid in the decision making process.

Download your free copy:
The guide is freely available to download here. If you have any feedback from using the Guide we would really like to hear it!