May 6th 2021 saw a number of Neighbourhood Plans put to the polls, after referendums were put on hold due to the Covid pandemic. Some communities we’ve worked with have had to wait for a year to reach this significant milestone.

From villages in Wiltshire and Stroud, to towns in Herefordshire, we are pleased to share that the communities in each of the places we’ve worked with voted YES for their Neighbourhood Plans, meaning that the documents will each now be used to guide future development in the area. We are proud to have worked with passionate and committed people from a range of communities.

Ross-on-Wye Neighbourhood Plan | Herefordshire (shortlisted for RTPI Midlands Excellence in Plan Making Award 2020 and commended in RTPI National Awards 2021)

In conclusion, the plan reads overall as a well written, well-considered and fit for purpose document. We consider that an exemplary approach is taken to the historic environment of the Parish and that the Plan constitutes a very good example of community led planning. Those responsible for the compilation of the Plan should be congratulated.” Historic England consultation response

The Plan can be found here.

Cam Neighbourhood Plan | Stroud District (shortlisted for RTPI South West Excellence in Plan Making Award 2020)

“a comprehensive, well written and presented plan that builds upon a clear vision for Cam and has a clear set of objectives which sets the context for the policies…they are distinctive policies which reflects the unique characteristics of the parish, and especially its landscape setting. The authors of the plan accept that the parish is going to change through the strategic allocations in the north-east corner of the village and have taken a positive approach which seeks to shape the new development so that it meets the needs and aspirations of the local community.Examiner, Cam Neighbourhood Plan

The Plan and the examiner’s report can be found here.

Seend | Wiltshire

I must firstly congratulate Seend Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group on the quality of the submission documents. The plan is succinct and focussed. It is clearly set out and is very straight forward. It makes good use of photographs and maps….I must also particularly commend the background work that lies behind the submitted plan and I have rarely seen a neighbourhood plan where the policies are so well supported and evidence based” Examiner, Seend Neighbourhood Plan

The Plan and the examiner’s report can be found here.

Seagry | Wiltshire

“I must congratulate Seagry Parish Council for grasping the opportunity presented by neighbourhood planning to come up with a coherent set of policies which can be used to shape development in the parish in the forthcoming years. It specifically identifies and seeks to protect assets which the community clearly value.” Examiner, Seagry Neighbourhood Plan

The Plan and examiner’s report can be found here.

Featured image source: Worcester City Council