What makes your place unique…?

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Last Sunday saw us out and about in Colerne – a lovely parish in Wiltshire where we are helping the community with the preparation of their Neighbourhood Plan…

We facilitated a really interesting and enjoyable Design Day – one of the key methods we use to capture character and design evidence to support policies in Neighbourhood Plans, as well as the content of Design Statements.

Design Days are a great way to kick-start design work for communities – they get people involved, talking, and working together to realise the best (and worst!) characteristics of their area.

During Sunday’s event, we helped people to record key local characteristics using methods in an efficient, and dare we even say it – enjoyable way!  One local resident commented:

“even though I have lived in Colerne for 20 years, I have never really realised that the area around my home was the perfect mix of industry, housing and beautiful views”

People who get involved with Design Days often comment that the exercise takes them to places in their local area that they have never been before. The process is a great way to harness local knowledge and enthusiasm, not only then contributing to policy, but also helping people to really engage with the character and design of their local area.


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