We are Place Studio – Small Planning Consultancy of the Year 2015.               

Place Studio is an independent award winning urban design and place-shaping consultancy. We specialise in community engagement and collaborative approaches to design and planning.

By helping key stakeholders work better together from the outset, we help to create economically viable places that are responsive to local community needs and based on sound design principles.

Our small team has over 50 years’ combined experience, we’ve delivered regeneration policy and urban development in some of the most complex, historically important and politically sensitive environments in England. What makes us different is not so much what we do as how we do it. We are very proud to have had this recognised by RTPI who have awarded Place Studio as small planning consultancy of the year 2015. Find out more about the projects and initiatives on which we work on our project page .

We do things differently…                                                                                                        

It is very much because of our focus on working with communities that we have won several national and regional awards, including becoming the Royal Town Planning Institute’s “Small Planning Practice of the Year” for 2015.

Our success is based on advising people on what we believe to be right, because we pride ourselves on our integrity and honesty. Our approach is to advise, help, support and build capacity for the future. We work with communitites, Local Authorities and developers, but always with the same approach; to enable collaborative place shaping. We passionately believe in ‘stitching and knitting’ together people and places, ideas and aspirations.

What makes Place Studio different is not so much what they do as how they do it … not simply by leading or doing but by transferring and raising skills and building capacities amongst all involved.”
Royal Town Planning Institute 2015