The High Streets Task Force is an alliance of place making experts that provides
encouragement, tools and skills to help communities and local government transform their high streets.

Experts are experienced and respected professionals, at Member or Fellow level of their respective professional body. Experts;

• Visit specific high streets and town centres to work with place leaders and the community to identify the important key issue(s) that are hampering successful transformation, and how to address these.

• Consult with local authorities and place stakeholders to help solve complex challenges, which may also include running vision workshops and brokering relationships within the local community.

We are so pleased to share the news that Vaughan has been appointed as a High Streets Task Force Expert! This appointment for Vaughan reflects his experience and expertise built up over his career and most recently through projects such as Widcombe and Keynsham.

Vaughan is looking forward to being part of this national effort and supporting local authorities and communities to transform their high streets

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